Skeleton Coast

by Skeleton Coast

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Eli McKenna
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Eli McKenna If Tame Impala and My Bloody Valentine hooked up and had an illegitimate kid, that kid would be Skeleton Coast. The aspects of shoegaze, psychedelia, and indie rock on this album make me feel like I'm endlessly floating under water in the middle of the ocean and the only sound that I can make out as I draw my final breath is Skeleton Coast. Favorite track: World.
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released November 3, 2012

Recorded at ElectricBarryLand aka The Swamp, Justin TX
Produced by Jordan Richardson and Steve Steward, LA CA
Artwork by Sebastian Montes,HoustonTX



all rights reserved


Skeleton Coast Fort Worth, Texas

Swim gazing through the cosmos since 2012. This is our debut album recorded at Electric Barryland AKA the Swamp by Son Of Stan(Jordan Richardson) and Steve Steward of WIZARDVISION. All instruments are real and made by human touch.

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Track Name: Manchester
Feel left out
No need to roam about
If you stay around
Here once more

Made from wood
You know you thought you should
Circling the sun
Year is done

Then you feel so good
Then you feel so fine
Why can't you get this all the time

Wind in your face
You Stand in empty space
But your feeling fine
Doesn't matter

You close the door
They keep you wanting more and more
Burn your ready mind
Oh so fine
Track Name: Rupees
Sleep fast your life has passed
Taking love you try
Breathe for yourself
Your fathers footsteps guide us
Time goes by

Pray for the world of trees and birds
Digging truth from lies
Think for yourself
The sun is in your eyes now
Time goes by
Track Name: World
I close my eyes
Patterned up with the pixel lines
I fail to move
Take steps closer to you
Open my arms
Keeping you away from harm
My hands grow tired
Living my day from what you inspire

Open my eyes
Here with you is a bitter surprise
We packed our things
Headed out for a better day
No fools in here
Wear your love
All you've got is fear
you grow tired
What you would do when you think it's so hard
Track Name: Young
Too young to stay alive
Don't wanna die
Four score the kingdoms lost
And I.....
Make me whole
Make me whole again

You left me out you know it's true
Heart and soul
My lips turn blue

On that day when I look again
Reach your sleeve
And I beg for friends
Take me home
Take me home again....

You hesitate the day Is through
Years go past I'm older too

They hesitate their day is through
Years go past I'm older too

They hesitate their day is through
Years go past we're older too

You left me out you know it's true
Heart and soul my lips turn blue

You know
You knowwwwww.....
Track Name: Greenhouse
Keeping you to the world you fret about
I'll be here in the morning
Hold it closer to your heart now

To know you best
Through all conquest
To keep your company

Day is through
And you've worked it all out
They'll keep your head spinning
Plastic wives to look forward,
you know you're wrong
This greenhouse is sinking

To know you best
Through all conquest
To keep your company
To know you best
Through all conquest
To keep your company
Track Name: Forget
I never see your face
Can't keep me away
You've never been so mad
All of these things that I have done to you

I never got so mad
When the free pills bleed in the sand
A little your carpentry rolls
Your tapestries keeping me warm
And oooohhhh

I've never seen you here before
Acting as sheep and loving me all the more more more more
All I did
All I did
I did
Oh mother

I never see you
Out by all these things
All I've done
All I've done
All I've done
All I've done

I seek her bayside alone
Your outside the boy
Will you softly Go home ?

You know I've been here before
Barking at your back door
I've never seen your face get light
All these things that can't keep me home
I'm tired
All these things that keep my head tied to you
I've never gone back to get her

Come back to me
Back to me
Back to the coast

I wanna know
I wanna be there

You never see me
Track Name: Sludge
See the sun go down
When no ones around
The moon is in view
All my thoughts of you

Stars align for you
Close my eyes with you
So now let's carry on
Through the night till sun

Carry me home
My stomach's turned to stone
No pain no more
Be better soon I'm sure
Track Name: Untitled
So much for your Holliday
Face first against the pavement
All these words you could say

So much for your hard earned pay
Words from your brother
All these words you could take

Into the world
Did you ever know
You're thrown into this world
You're thrown into this world

They take your life way
They take your life away
Your life away